About Us

Who are Snug City?

Snug City are people.

Often companies are seen as entities, but when all said and done, we are a group of people, just like the person reading this page right now.

So what we think you would want to know, is what kind of people we are and why you should purchase our products. We are a family Run business, and we're a nice friendly bunch.

Some of the more "experienced" members of the family (because it's rude to say "old") first established the business, in Lancashire UK, an area which has a long and rich history for weaving and textiles manufacturing dating back to the sixteenth century.

We're still here in Lancashire, and we are manufacturing and supplying an ever growing range of gorgeous, high quality furniture and home furnishing products.

The Furniture we supply are lovingly made here in Lancashire, including our stunning Chesterfield Sofas, upholstered beds and headboards, and some of our home furnishing products such as duvets, pillows and cushions.

That's right we said "made", we are a manufacturer, not just a supplier. You may not realise this but the majority of retailers, even some of the most well known brands, do not make anything at all! Many of the well known home furnishings and furniture suppliers specialise in marketing, and they use manufacturing companies like us to actually manufacture their products.

This isn't us, we don't get excited by merely "selling" things. We are the kind of people who get excited by making things for other people. It makes us happy to know that other families will enjoy the products that we have made, and that they will enjoy them for years and years, because we pride ourselves in making high quality products which are made to last.

The fact that we are both the supplier and the manufacturer is of huge benefit to our customers, as it means that we can offer you a completely bespoke and tailored service, and if you need any kind of after sales support, this support comes directly from the people who made your product!

As well as supplying families, we work with interior designers and businesses alike, and we really are a great bunch of people to work with, as you will soon discover if you make the great decision to invest in a Snug City product.