Egyptian Cotton Pillow (Pair)

£20.99 £17.99

Have you ever tried a pillow that is super soft as well as support your neck and head at the same time? If not, then bring home comfortable Egyptian Pillow Pair that offers smooth surface 100% cotton, comfortable sleep and ultimate support to adjust according to your head and shoulder curve. Without breaking the bank, you can enjoy durability and style all in one price. The Egyptian Cotton Pillow pair is made of breathable material that helps maintain the temperature. Without sweating at night, you can enjoy unstoppable sleep with peace.

  • Egyptian Cotton Pillow Pair Soft Luxury Feel Hollowfibre Filling
  • Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Hollowfibre Filling
  • Non Allergenic


Wake up fresh every morning with Egyptian Cotton Pillow Pair available online at snugcity.co.uk. Buy now and allow your body to relax and have peaceful sleep every night.


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