Premium Soft Touch Duvet


What comes to your mind at night when spending a day out at work have juiced out all your energy. A warm, cozy, comfortable bed that helps you alleviate your tiredness and physical exhaustion.
But wait, you aren’t getting the comfortable sleep at night, even when you are exhausted as hell. The reason is that your bed is not warm and cozy enough to drain the fatigue out of your body.
Don’t worry because premium soft touch duvet is all you need to have a good night sleep.


Duvets Size and Tog Guide

Size UK / inch UK / cm # Period Tog
Single duvet 53 inch. x 78 inch. 135x200cm # Summer 2.5 to 9 tog
Double duvet 78 inch. x 78 inch. 200x200cm # Spring/Autumn 6 to 10.5 tog
King duvet 90 inch. x 86 inch. 230x220cm # Winter 12 to 15.0 tog
Super King duvet 102 inch. x 86 inch. 260x220cm # / /
Emperor duvet 114 inch. x 92 inch. 290x235cm # / /


The Premium soft touch duvet with microfiber filling is meant to offer comfortable, warm and cozy sleep in the spine chilling winter nights. Made from premium quality fabric, the soft touch duvet is machine washable that can look as good as new after every wash.


The premium quality fabric never wears off even after years of use. The single 10.5 Microfiber Soft as Down Luxury Premium Duvet with Microfiber can adjust to your bedroom’s layout coming in all sizes from single beds to double beds and king beds to super king beds.


TIf you are suffering from allergies like eczema, asthma or any respiratory problem, the premium soft touch duvet material comes with anti-allergen properties.


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