Microfibre Soft Touch Pillow Pair

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Bring home the ultimate comfort and enjoy the sleep like never before. Microfibre Soft Pillow Pair aligns to your neck and relieves pressure to make you feel comfortable. The luxury microfiber pillow features a soft microfibre cover with hollowfiber filling.
The Super Soft Hollowfiber Filling keeps the pillow in its shape. Sleeping for long hours can make your neck stiff, but not anymore because this pillow prevents neck and upper back pain, no matter in which position you sleep.

  • Luxury Microfibre Pillow
  • Super Soft Hollowfibre Filling
  • 100% Microfibre Cover
  • Non Allergenic


The soft pillow pair comes with 100% microfibre cover for strength and extra softness. Moreover, the non-allergenic material will not bother people who have respiratory problem, asthma or have a kind of allergy.
Try Microfibre Soft Pillow Pair and see the difference. You won’t regret buying the high-quality pillow offered at best price. Place your order now at snugcity.co.uk and rest as never before.